Guild M20E Electric Acoustic Guitar
Guild M20E Electric Acoustic Guitar
Guild M20E Electric Acoustic Guitar

Guild M20E Electric Acoustic Guitar

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This Guild M-20E 6-string acoustic-electric guitar marks Guild's return to the US-made model that was the first to roll off the company's Westerly, Rhode Island, factory line in 1967. This stripped-down guitar boasts top, back, and sides constructed of solid mahogany. The M-20E's concert body style's compact dimensions ensure that it's very comfortable to play and sings with a midrange-focused tone that is marvelous for strumming or fingerstyle playing. And the onboard LR Baggs electronics ensure a natural tone when performing.

Guild M-20E 6-string Acoustic-electric Guitar at a Glance:
  • Straightforward mahogany construction
  • Comfortable concert body
  • LR Baggs VTC electronics
Straightforward mahogany construction

The M-20E's neck, top, back, and sides are constructed entirely from solid mahogany. This tonewood was chosen for its centered tone that exudes warmth without ever becoming muddy, and clarity that never sounds shrill. The rosewood fretboard and bridge further help to enhance the guitar's harmonic overtones, and the M-20E's appearance is as warm and inviting as its tone. Minimal aesthetic appointments give the instrument a vintage look that works as beautifully onstage as it does around a campfire.

Comfortable concert body

Smaller-bodied acoustic guitars such as this Guild M-20E have been a popular option among players since the dawn of the instrument. This concert-style body in particular is a favorite for its midrange-focused tone that helps each note come through loud and clear. This makes the M-20E a wonderful option for fingerstyle players and flatpickers alike. And the guitar's smaller dimensions are very comfortable for the performing guitarist that needs to have the M-20E slung over a shoulder all night long.

LR Baggs VTC electronics

Guild's M-20E 6-string acoustic-electric guitar was built for when you need to perform. The guitar boasts the LR Baggs Element VTC electronics package. This under-saddle pickup system is incredibly popular for the way it senses the movements of your M-20E's mahogany top instead of direct string movement. This helps avoid the sharp-sounding quack that has been associated with the piezo under-saddle design. You'll enjoy a much more natural acoustic-type tone with the Element VTC. And its soundhole-mounted electronics are very low-profile and discreet.

Guild M-20E 6-string Acoustic-electric Guitar Features:
  • 6-string acoustic-electric guitar built to vintage Guild specs
  • All-mahogany construction offers a warm, balanced tone
  • Thin satin finish lets the wood vibrate freely
  • Minimal aesthetic appointments offer a vintage appearance
  • Concert body style is comfortable and even sounding
  • LR Baggs electronics sound warm and natural