MXR Duke of Tone Overdrive Pre Order batch two

MXR Duke of Tone Overdrive Pre Order batch two

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Expected first week of october 2022. We`re getting the first 20 in Canada, first batch of 10  is , as we`re posting this, sold out!! In 22 hours...

A close collaboration between MXR and Analog Man, this pedal is essentially a carbon copy of the eternally back-ordered Prince of Tone. The Duke of Tone truly shines with its versatile 3-way selector switch and transparently rich harmonic dirt sounds. Looking for a high-headroom boost to stack with another OD? How about an amazingly versatile overdrive tone? Full-on distortion? The Duke of Tone does it all. Check it out!


3-way OD/Boost/Dist switch

Don’t be fooled by the Duke of Tone’s compact size — this little pedal is built to cover the entire sonic spectrum of dirt! Its 3-way switch contains OD, Boost, and Distortion settings to set your tonal attitude.

  • OD: Overdrive mode is packed to the brim with rich saturation and plenty of tube-style grit! This mode is an incredibly versatile OD that runs the gamut of medium-gain tones.

  • Boost: This setting is the most transparent and boasts a huge headroom. Sweetwater guitarists find that it’s an excellent choice when stacking multiple OD pedals or giving your amp a final push into high-octane territory.

  • Dist: Distortion mode takes everything great about the Boost and OD modes, then cranks it up to 11, offering a harmonic-rich aggression that perfectly retains your guitar and amp’s distinct character


  • MXR Duke of Tone Overdrive Pedal Features:

    • Collaboration between legendary pedal builders Analog Man and MXR
    • Based on Analog Man’s Prince of Tone Overdrive
    • Designed for maximum tonal transparency
    • 3-way Boost/OD/Distortion switch allows you to cover the entire sonic range of dirt tones
    • Retains every nuance of your base setup’s tone
    • Can be run via 18V for even greater clarity and higher headroom