Casio PX-S3000 - Black

by Casio
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For over 15 years, Privia pianos have delivered a pure piano experience for any situation. Now, the PX-S3000 brings a fresh new design into the Privia family of instruments, making brilliant technology a part of your musical life.

• Stunning piano Tones with damper and string resonance
• 700 Tones, 200 Rhythms plus songwriting tools
• Smart Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard with simulated ebony/ivory key textures
• Beautifully polished top panel design with illuminated touch sensor controls
• Bluetooth audio for playing along with your favorite songs
• Designed to work with the free Chordana Play for Piano iOS/Android app
• Optional battery power (AC adapter included)
• Powerful stereo speaker system plus two headphone and two 1/4" outputs
• Class-compliant USB port plus USB device storage

The Perfect Touch
There's never been a keyboard this slim that feels this good. The superior touch of the PX-S3000 is thanks to the newly designed fully weighted Smart Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard, which delivers an authentic and uncompromising piano touch with an incredibly small footprint. Casios proprietary key scaling system reproduces the individual characteristics of each of the 88 keys, while ebony and ivory key textures ensure confident playing in any climate.

Piano and Beyond
The PX-S3000 features 700 stunning Tones including a breathtaking stereo grand piano. Advanced string resonance exposes the harmonic relationships between vibrating strings, while damper resonance adds depth and richness. Youll hear the mechanical sounds of dampers rising, keys being pressed, and keys returning to their original position. Hammer response and key-off simulation deliver even greater detail, reacting naturally to your playing dynamics.

Bring In The Band
With hundreds of built-in Rhythms, you'll always have a band ready to jam. The variety of Rhythms spans the globe as well as the history of popular music. You'll find old favourites and chart-topping hits, all played with incredibly realistic instruments that sound better than ever. The drum kits come alive with authentic acoustic drums, vintage drum machine sounds, and a huge collection of percussion instruments and sound effects.

Blue Notes
Integrated Bluetooth audio lets you connect your device wirelessly to the PX-S1000, playing your music through its powerful stereo amplification system. Now, instead of just enjoying your favorite music, you can join the band.

Take Control
The PX-S3000 includes a pitch bend wheel for expressive control over its many Tones, plus two assignable knobs that can control built-in effects and other parameters. In addition to the damper pedal or optional 3-pedal unit, the PX-S3000 allows you to connect an expression pedal for additional versatility.

Connect and Create
Download the free Chordana Play for Piano app (available on Google Play and the iTunes Store) and customize your PX-S3000 to suit your mood. Change instrument settings, control the MIDI recorder, and learn your favorite MIDI songs with a graphical "piano roll" which grades you on how well you play. View PDF scores, and use the optional SP-34 3-pedal unit (or third-party Bluetooth pedals) to turn pages while playing. The integrated audio player allows independent control over pitch and tempo, and can remove vocals or melody from your audio files.

The Perfect Fit
Privia pianos are already known for replicating grand piano sound and feel in a compact package, but the PX-S3000 will make you rethink how portable a piano can be. It's 43% smaller than previous generation Privias while retaining its true piano experience. It fits anywhere you need a piano: On a table, on a counter, on a desk, on your bed, the list goes on. Weighing under 25 pounds and with optional 6xAA battery power, the possibilities are endless.

In Command
The PX-S3000 is also an ideal master controller for your home studio. It's more affordable than most dedicated 88-key MIDI controllers, delivers a better piano feel, and includes a vast collection of studio-quality sounds. Best of all, it fits easily into any desk designed to hold an 88-note instrument with room to spare. Class-compliant USB lets you connect to any Mac/PC/iOS/Android device with no drivers or installation needed.


Number of Keys : 88
Key Action : Smart Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard
Touch Response : 5 sensitivity levels, off
Hammer Response : Yes
Key Off Response : Yes
88 key digital scaled simulation : Yes

Polyphony (Maximum) : 192
Number of Built-in Tones : 700
Sound Source : AiR
Layer : Yes
Split : Yes

Acoustic Simulator: String Resonance, Damper Resonance, Key Action Noise, Damper Noise

Digital Effect
Sound Mode - Hall Simulator/Reverb : Hall simulator 4, Reverb 8 - Surround : 2
Hall Simulator/Reverb : Equipped in Sound mode
Chorus : 12
Brilliance : Yes
DSP : Yes (Preset for some tones)

Number of Built-in Rhythms : 200
One Touch Preset : 200

Demonstration-only Songs : 6
Song Expansion (User Songs) : 10

Additional Features
Connectivity to Chordana Play for Piano
Bluetooth Audio : Yes
Lesson Function : Part ON/OFF, Recorder : 3 tracks, 5 songs, Punch-in recording
Data Capacity : Approximately 30,000 notes
Audio Recorder / Playback : Max 99 songs, approximately 25 min/song
Duet Mode : Yes
Key Transpose : 2 octaves
Tuning Control : A4 = 415.5 Hz ~ 440.0 Hz ~ 465.9 Hz
Scale Function(Preset): Equal temperament + 16 variations
Operation Lock : Yes
Pitch Bend Wheel : Yes
Registration:96 setups (4 areas x 24 banks)
Music Preset:310 presets
Auto Harmonize:12 types
Arpeggiator:100 types
Auto Power Off

Connectivity and Storage
PHONES :2(Stereo mini)
Pedals : 3(Damper, Expression/Assignable, Pedal Unit)
Connector for 3-Pedal Unit : Yes(New SP-34)
LINE OUT : 2 L/MONO, R(Standard jack)
AUDIO IN : Yes (Stereo mini)

Speakers and Amplifiers
Size: 16cm x 8cm(Oval)x 2
Speaker System : 2 speakers
Amplifiers : 8W + 8W

Dimensions (W x D x H): 1,322 x 232 x 102 mm / 52" x 9" x 4"
Weight (excluding batteries): 11.2 kg / 24.7 lb
Weight (with batteries): 11.4 kg / 25.1 lb

Included Accessories
- Pedal: SP-3
- Music stand
- AC Adaptor: ADA12150LW
- Battery Drive: Alkaline AA x6