Fender Tone Master Deluxe Reverb

by Fender

Want to sound like a classic Deluxe Reverb but without the weight? I have the perfect amp for you! This Tone Master takes pride in sounding just like the classic amp! Once you plug in, you'll fall deep in love!


• Weighs only 24lbs!
• 5-way attenuation dials back power to 0.2 watts
• Solid pinewood cabinet in black textured vinyl with a classic silver grille cloth
• 12" Jensen N12K neodymium speaker exhibits tight, round bass and a sparkling top end
• Balanced XLR out with output control, selectable cab IRs, and ground lift
• USB port allows for firmware upgrades
• Includes 2-button foot switch


Series: Tone Master
Amplifier Type: Digital
Control Knobs: Vintage-Style Skirted Black Plastic
Inputs: Four - (1/4", Two Normal and Two Vibrato)
Cabinet Material: Lightweight Solid Pine
Handle: Molded Plastic Strap with Nickel-Plated Caps
Speakers: 1x12" Jensen N-12K Neo
Total Impedance: 8 ohms