Gibson G-00 Acoustic Guitar

by Gibson

This No-frills Gibson Acoustic Delivers!

There's a place where simplicity and complexity meet — it's called genius. And here at Maar's Music, we think the Gibson G-00 is genius and then some. With the G series, you get a no-frills acoustic that packs all the classic Gibson tone, feel, and playability you would expect from a company long regarded as a world leader in acoustic instruments. And to enhance your sonic interaction with this tasty acoustic, the G-00 comes outfitted with Gibson's Player Port. Located in the upper shoulder of the guitar, the Player Port runs through to the inside of the body where all the resonant goodness of an acoustic is produced. The result sends a focused projection of each strum and each note, up and into your ears for immediate sonic "feedback"! Here at Maar's, we are blown away by how much the Player Port adds to the overall playing experience of the G-00.