Laney AH80

Laney AH80

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The Laney AH80 is a versatile amplifier that has been designed to accommodate many instruments simultaneously with 3 channel input and a built-in preamp!!!

The principle behind the Audiohub range is simple: ALL INSTRUMENTS WELCOME!

Audiohub combos deliver optimum performance, flexibility and sound quality for a wide array of audio inputs: Keyboards, e-drums, mics, acoustic and electric instruments and playback are all at home with an Audiohub combo.


Designed with flexibility in mind, the AH80 has 3 independent channels and can accommodate a variety of input options simultaneously via XLR, Jack and Mini Jack connectors. In addition the front panel features a Line Out to link to another amplifier plus a Phones jacks for silent use.

A 5-band Master Graphic EQ allows for detailed, efficient control of tone shaping.


The AH80 features on board Digital Delay effects with comprehensive control over Delay Time, Feedback and Level. Digital Delay can then be assigned individually to each channel.


The AH80 features a dual-position cabinet design so can be used as a conventional stage combo or in 'kickback' position as a monitor.

Features / Specification:

• 80 Watt RMS at 4 Ohms
• 3 Channels; balanced XLR/unbalanced line, stereo unbalanced line, Hi-Z instrument
• 10" inch custom designed driver
• CD input - 3.5mm stero jack, Line out
• Kick proof metal grille with tough carpet finishing and headphone socket

Designed for musicians or active audio lovers with a variety of musical activities in order to appear more optimal, flexible and have good sound quality!!