MOOG MUSIC Grandmother Dark Edition
MOOG MUSIC Grandmother Dark Edition
MOOG MUSIC Grandmother Dark Edition

MOOG MUSIC Grandmother Dark Edition semi-modular keyboard synthesizer DEMO

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This synth has only been used a few times in store by our staff to demo to customers.

Grandmother Dark is a fresh addition to Moog’s popular line of semi-modular keyboard synthesizers, offered in a new flavor requested by synth lovers looking for a classic aesthetic.

A complement to the multi-colored artwork of the originals, the all-black color scheme of Grandmother Dark will energize the market with a new choice of colorway that invokes the timeless look of Moog's all-black control panels.

The new aesthetics align with Moog semi modular synths like the Mother-32 and DFAM.

“Modules” are inspired by those found in Moog’s classic large format Legacy Modular systems.

The built-in Sequencer and Arpeggiator gives expanded control and frees hands to patch and tweak.
The Grandmother is capable of creating anything from smooth bass to aggressive leads.

 The built-in analog reverb tank can be patched into, making it a great studio addition.

* Grandmother Dark is identical in terms of features to the original Grandmother. Both color variants of Grandmother share the same beloved analog circuitry and will be available concurrently.

• Performance: 32-note keyboard with arpeggiator and a 256-note sequencer withthree sequence locations
• Sound Sources: Two voltage-controlled oscillators with hard sync and a white noise generator
• Analog Effects: 6" spring reverb tank
• Sound Blending: 3-channel mixer with an additional 1/4" external audio input
• Sound Shaping: Classic 4-pole 10Hz to 20kHz Ladder filter and a patchable 1-pole high pass filter
• Utilities: Patchable 4-point mult and a bipolar attenuator
• Dynamics: Analog ADSR envelope
• Modulation: Wide-range analog LFO with Sync input and aSample/Hold output
• Patch Points: 41 patch points with 21 inputs and 20 outputs


TYPE: Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer


NUMBER OF KEYS: 32 Full-Size Keys

TYPE OF KEYS: Velocity-sensing (Velocity signal is not hard-wired available via MIDI and KBD VEL OUT jack)

OTHER CONTROLLERS: Pitch Bend, Mod Wheel, Variable Glide

POLYPHONY: Monophonic

SOUND SOURCES: 2 Oscillators with selectable Waveforms (Oscillator 2 supports Sync to Oscillator 1 plus linear FM), 1 White Noise Generator, External Input jack

VCF FILTER (LOW PASS): -24dB/Octave Moog Ladder Filter with Resonance (Self-Oscillating)


MOD SOURCES: Modulation Oscillator (Sine, Sawtooth, Ramp, Square), S/H Output, plus Envelope and Key Tracking



MULT: Four Parallel-wired Non-buffered Patch Points

EFFECTS: Spring Reverb

ARPEGGIATOR / STEP SEQUENCER: (256 Steps; three Sequence Files)

• 41 x 3.5mm front and rear panels
• 21 Inputs
• 16 Outputs
• 4 Parallel-wired Mults

AUDIO INPUT: One 1/4" TS jack (Rear Panel)

AUDIO OUTPUT: One 1/4" TRS jack for headphones or line level output (Rear Panel)

MIDI I/O: 5-pin DIN In, Out, Thru; plus MIDI over USB (Rear Panel)

POWER: Included Power Adapter 12V DC (positive tip), 2A, 100 to 240 Volts AC, 50/60Hz

DIMENSIONS (H x W x D): 13.97 x 58.42 x 31 cm / 5.5" x 23" x 12.25"
WEIGHT: 7.25 kg (16 lbs)