Vox Continental 73 Reissue 73-Key Performance Keyboard With Pedal, Black
Vox Continental 73 Reissue 73-Key Performance Keyboard With Pedal, Black

Vox Continental 73 Reissue 73-Key Performance Keyboard With Stand and Pedal, Black

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The VOX Continental uses a simple and intuitive interface that allows quick accessibility of every function. The high-quality sound engine section is centered on organ, electric piano, and acoustic piano, and provides a wealth of stage-ready sounds. In addition, the Continental features a powerful effects section to enhance these sounds, and even analog valve drive powered by Nutube, the cutting-edge vacuum tube. It’s an instrument that perfectly fits your live performance requirements for a variety of styles including rock, pop, jazz, and more. Version .2.0 (free download) makes VOX Continental an even more complete stage keyboard. Explore carefully-selected new sounds and many new performance functions! The air of tradition that emanates from VOX organs, together with the innovation of decades of research, down to the illuminated VOX logo shows the new VOX Continental is a fusion of both, redefining the existence of the modern stage keyboard.
Added bonus; with purchase of this keyboard we will thrown in a Vox Continental stand for the keyboard.
  • 58 versatile new sounds added
  • Split function added
  • Sustain can be enabled or disabled for each part
  • A scene set function has been added, and the number of scenes has increased from 16 to 64
  • The amount of noise that is characteristic of vintage organs can now be adjusted
  • The tonal character of the PIANO part can be switched using the bend lever
  • Intuitive user interface that emphasizes playability on stage
  • ORGAN part that meticulously models three vintage organs
  • High-quality E.PIANO part with attention paid to every detail
  • Rich PIANO part powered by high-capacity samples
  • KEY/LAYER part with a wide range of variations
  • Intuitive and powerful effects that are optimized for live use
  • Touch sensor that can control a variety of parameters
  • Nine-band EQ that allows detailed control of your sound
  • Real valve drive sound powered by Nutube, the new vacuum tube
  • Newly developed waterfall keyboard provides excellent playability
  • Dynamics knob lets you freely customize the playing feel of the keyboard
  • Scene memories let you instantly switch between settings
  • Lightweight and compact body is built of sturdy sheet metal and aluminum
  • Carries on the scarlet color that’s traditional for VOX organs
  • V861 volume/expression pedal is included