Joyo Technologies R-16 Vocal Lab Vocal Effector Pedal
Joyo Technologies R-16 Vocal Lab Vocal Effector Pedal
Joyo Technologies R-16 Vocal Lab Vocal Effector Pedal
Joyo Technologies R-16 Vocal Lab Vocal Effector Pedal

Joyo Technologies R-16 Vocal Lab Vocal Effector Pedal

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The first vocal effector from JOYO, specially designed for singing! VOCAL LAB offers fabulous harmony effects: 9 vocal harmony effects, tonality (24 major or minor diatonic scales) is available, with Maj/Min toggle switch, up to 2 tracks of harmony can be added simultaneously. Besides, VOCAL LAB features independent adjustable vocal reverb effect, independent footswitches for harmony and reverb effects respectively. With 48V Phantom power, it supports several types of mic.


9 position vocal harmony selection
3 position vocal reverb - small, medium and large
12 Keys are available with Major/Minor toggle switch
Selectable 48V phantom power supply On/Off for microphones
Harmony and Reverb Footswitches.
Harmony Mix control
Microphone Gain control with response indicator


The Vocal lab has a Microphone Balanced XLR in and out perfect for connecting up to a mixer, a direct recording interface or a live PA system. There are 9 options of harmony vocal processing effects available:


1 Unison - Vocals are processed in unison, the pitch remains the same but is delayed slightly, in effect it creates a chorus effect.

2 Low - Vocal Pitch is processed to a 4th below

3 High - Pitch is processed to a 3rd below

4 Low & High - A 3rd above and a 4th below

5 Lower - Pitch is processed to a 6th below

6 Higher - Pitch is processed to a perfect 5th above

7 Lower & Higher - a 6th below & a 5th above

8 Low & Lower - a 4th below & a 6th below

9 High & Higher - 3rd above and a 5th above


All of the Harmonising effects on the JOYO Vocal Lab can be mixed, adjusting the ratio of dry sound (natural) and applying the wet signal of the selected harmony. The more you turn the mix to the right the dry fades away and more harmonics are applied, mixed together or removed away this is where the harmonising fun begins! 

With a rotary encoder the vocal lab can process your vocals to 12 different keys, select C,D,E,F,G,A & B and by pressing the dial you get the # (not for E or B though!) A Major / Minor toggle switch to adjust your scale. The LED Display indicates the selected key.

The controls to adjust the microphone gain has a useful LED overload indicator built in enabling you to adjust the input. When the microphone  is active and this dial lights green the signal is clean and there will be no overdrive, yellow is a warning and red will be overdriven and potentially distorting the vocal input..

A 3 mode Reverb control can be adjusted and turned on or off with the footswitch on the right. The footswitch on the left activates the Harmonic selection, both can be used independently of each other and each will light when active.

On the side there is a switch to turn off/on 48v phantom power for using condenser microphones

On the rear of the pedal there is a 1/4” mono instrument input, perfect for connecting your guitar or keyboard. This also has the feature of using the reverb effect, but will not process the harmonic of the instrument.

The Aux in 3.5mm stereo input will allow you to connect up your phone/tablet or mp3 player to sing & play along to. What is special about this is the centre silencer button that will strip out vocals (from the centre) from the music, giving you a vocal free music experience. Whilst this is not suitable for all tracks, the principle is that when the centre silence is activated the right input of the stereo aux in is sent out of phase, its put back together and is removed from playback.

The 3.5mm stereo headphone is a great feature, allowing you to monitor and fine tune your vocal processing.

Let's not forget the LED ambient lighting that you find on all JOYO R series pedals, this is one pedal that looks great and makes you sound greater!.

  • Instrument Input Impedance : 1M Ω /6.35mm mono Jack
  • Microphone Input Impedance : 2.4 Ω / XLR Balanced
  • Microphone output Impedance : 2.4 Ω / XLR Balanced
  • Headphone Output Impedance : 320/3.5mm stereo Jack
  • AUXIN Impedance: 10K0/3.5mm stereo Jack
  • Working Voltage : DC 9V 500ma (canter minus)
  • Dimensions : 130 x 110 x 50mm
  • Weight:416g
  • USB Connection for firmware updates only.