If you see items on the website that you don`t see in the store; ask us please! A large part of our stock is in our storage rooms! 

October 5 2022; Todays new arrivals: Sire Larry Carlton T7 FM in Transparent Black , Sire Larry Carlton S7 Vintage Electric Guitar, Antique White, and a Sire Marcus Miller P5 Alder-5 Bass in Transparent Sunburst.


October 4 2022; Arrived today: Fender FA-450 CE and CB-260sce acoustic basses, Gretsch G5420T Electromatic Bigsby in Airline Silver, G5024e Rancher in Sunburst, G5013ce Rancher Jr in Black, G9520e Gin Rickey in Black, G9500 Jim Dandy in Frontier Stain, G2220 Electromatic Junior Jet Bass II in Bristol Fog, G5022CWFE Rancher Black Falcon. And a very limited run Taylor 224ce-UA DLX LTD in Full Sunburst!

October 3 2022; Just in today; Yamaha Reface CS 37 key Virtual Analog Synthesizer, Gretsch G 9500 Jim Dandy limited Edition in Nocturne Blue and Schecter SGR C-1 in midnight Satin Black

September 30 2022; Just added a vintage Boss BF-1 Flanger! The OG of flangers! Back in stock: Schecter Stiletto Custom-4 bass in Natural Satin and Schecter C-6 Pro Burl in Charcoal BurstMackie MIX12FX 12 Channel Compact Mixer with Effects.

September 27 2022; Maar's Music is looking for music teachers -- piano, stringed instrument & voice.

Do you have an undeniable passion & ability for teaching music? Do you have patience, excellent interpersonal skills and ability to devise appropriate lesson plans for beginning music students (especially elementary school aged children?

Please contact us at (705)876-8160 if you'd like to apply!
Resume, interview, skill demonstration and references required.
Experience is secondary to positive personality traits -- we can mentor beginning teachers!
just in; Takamine GY11MENS Sapele and Takamine GD20NS

September 26 2022; Back in stock; Yamaha recorders for all your school going flute playing pleasure! Also back in stock; Taylor Academy 12-N Nylon string, Taylor 224ce-k dlx (amazing Koa!!) and Taylor GS Mini-e Koa Plus!

September 23 2022: Back in stock; the amazing Hagstrom Fantomen in the stunning white finish! Also back in stock; LAG Guitars HYVIBE 10 THV10DCE-LB With Deluxe Gig Bag, Satin Open Pore, Natural. These move so fast that we are often sold out. Fortunately our supplier has many in stock.

September 22 2022; New Audio Interfaces; Universal Audio Volt 2, Universal Audio Volt 276, Arturia Minifuse 2, Zoom AMS-44, Zoom AMS-24

September 21 2022; Schecter fest!!! Just in; Schecter Omen Extreme-6 FR in See Through Black, Schecter Hellraiser C-1 Fr in Black Cherry, Schecter Omen Elite-6 FR in Black Cherry Burst, Schecter C-6 Fr Pro in Aurora Burst (Tasty!!!)

September 20 2022; Available for pre order; Korg Drumlogue Threefold Analog Hybrid Drum Machine

September 19 2022; just in; Arturia Polybrute 6-Voice Polyphonic Analog Synth, and the mighty NORD Stage 3 88-Key Hammer Action Stage Keyboard!!

September 16 2022; Just in; a nice mint condition Epiphone EL-00 Pro Electric Acoustic trade in.

September 14 2022: just added; Arturia Keystep Pro 32 Slimkey Controller, Arpeggiator Sequencer, Pro Version and a ZOOM R8 Interface/ Controller/ Sampler.

September 13 2022; Just in; a gorgeous Taylor 254CE Rosewood/Spruce Electric Acoustic 12 String!! Also just in; Taylor Big Baby Taylor Walnut! Gorgeous walnut top on this magnificent smaller bodied, but big sounding, guitar.

September 12 2022; Back in stock; the Boss RE-2 Space Echo!!! And as new arrival; the Boss DD-8 Digital Delay.

September 9 2022; Back in stock; the highly successful Washburn Americana B7-a Banjo. An absolute monster at a very convenient price! Also just in; a gorgeous Washburn Deep Forest Burl Grand Auditorium Electric- Acoustic Guitar in Amber Fade. 

Look at that gorgeous burl...


September 8 2022; Check out our USED section! Just added a Squier Classic Vibe ‘70s Telecaster® Thinline in Sapphire Blue and an Epiphone Les Paul Classic in Worn Ebony finish (satin black)  

September 6 2022; Just in; Vox AC15C1, Several Taylor 214ce Rosewood Spruce, Lindell Lin76 , AKG C214 Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone and M-Audio Air 192/6

September 2 2022; first batch of 10 MXR Duke of tones is sold out, but we have a second batch on order. pre order now! Just in: Studiologic-Fatar Numa Compact 2X 88-Key Stage Piano

September 1 2022; back in stock; the Arturia Keystep 37 controller and sequencer. Available for pre order now; the MXR Duke of Tone!!! We`re getting the first 4 in Canada.

August 30 2022; Just in: Hagstrom HL550-NMG Hollow Body in Natural Mahogany Gloss, Hagstrom '67 Viking II Thinline Hollow Body in Wild Cherry Transparent and the Mighty Hagstrom Fantomen in a Glorious White Finish!

August 25 2022; Now in stock; 

August 24 2022; Just arrived; the mighty Schecter Synyster Gates Custom-S in Black with Gold Stripes with Schecter USA Synyster Gates bridge pickup, Sustainiac neck pickup and a Floyd 1000 series vibrato unit!!

August 23 2022; Just in; Universal Audio Dream '65 Reverb Amplifier Pedal, Hagstrom Alvar Electric Guitar in Swedish Frost finish. All the joys of a center block equipped semi hollow without the huge body many semi hollows have. Just in; big selection of Electro-Harmonix (EHX) pedals.

August 22 2022; Back in stock; Arturia keystep 37, Schecter Demon-6 in Aged Black Satin, Taylor 214ce Spruce Rosewood Left Handed. New in stock; Sire Marcus Miller V3 4 String bass in Black, Taylor 214ce-k Sitka Spruce Hawaiian Koa.

August 19 2022; Just in; Casio Privia PX-S3100 88-Key Digital Piano in Black

August 18 2022; the long awaited Moog Sound Studio - Mother-32 & DFAM & Subharmonicon has arrived!

August 17 2022; Just in; Sire Marcus Miller U5 Alder Body Short Scale Electric Bass in Natural Finish, a Used Marshall 100W Super Bass 1972 Black & Gold Head, a Used 1965 Gibson Lancer GA-35 RVT comboSire Larry Carlton H7 Electric Guitar in See Through Red, Sire L7 Larry Carlton Single-Cut Electric Guitar in Transparent Blue, Squier Bullet Mustang HH Electric Guitar in Imperial Blue, Squier Affinity Series Precision Bass PJ in Olympic White With Maple fingerboard, an amazing Supro Black Magick Reverb 12 Inch Combo 25 Watt Class A Power Guitar Amplifier

August 16 2022; Just arrived; Fender Blues Junior in Lacquered Tweed, Fender Pro Junior in Laqcuered Tweed, Sire Marcus Miller V3 2nd Generation 4 string in Black, Sire Marcus Miller V3 2nd Generation 5 String in Transparent Sunburst, Mint Condition Used Taylor GSMini-e Mahogany with bag, and same amazing condition (both even still have the protective plastic on the pickguard, no fretwear) a Used Taylor 224CEK-dlx with hardcase. Squier Affinity Jaguar Bass H In Black , Fender Player Plus Meteora Active bass in Silverburst!

August 12 2022; Just arrived; Sire Larry Carlton L7-Goldtop, Schecter Demon-6, Schecter PT Fastback, Schecter Reaper-6, Schecter Reaper-7 Multiscale, A Schecter Molded Hardcase, Schecter Nick Johnston Traditional Hss and a Schecter Omen Extreme-6!

August 12 2022; Back in stock; Taylor Academy 12-N nylon string acoustic, Taylor Big Baby BBT and Taylor Big Baby BBTe Electric Acoustic. Here`s a video featuring the Academy 12-N: 

August 11 2022; just added; Alesis Prestige, Alesis Prestige Artist and the Alesis AHB-1 stand bench and pedals pack for Prestige series.

August 10 2022; just in; a beautiful Squier 40th Anniversary Telecaster, Gold Edition in Black.


August 9 2022; Just came in today; Fender Player Plus Stratocaster Electric Guitar in Olympic Pearl, Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy, Fender Player Plus Nashville Telecaster in Sunburst, Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy Limited Edition in Nocturne Blue, Gretsch G2622 Streamliner Center Block Electric Guitar in Forge Glow Maple, and coming in friday; Moog Sound Studio - Mother-32 & DFAM & Subharmonicon 

August 5 2022; Sale on our Aalberg assortment!

August 4 2022; Just in; 7 acoustic Yamaha models, including the Storia I and Storia III

August 3 2022; just in; Arturia KeyLab Essential 49 Semi-Weighted USB MIDI Controller Keyboard

August 2 2022: Back in stock; the majestic Taylor k24ce Builder`s Edition!! Also back in stock; Taylor 224ce-K DLX Also just added; a Brand New Yamaha FGX5 Red Label Electric Acoustic Guitar Made in Japan!

July 29 2022; Back in stock; the phenomenal Taylor 214CE! As of next wednesday back in stock; Nord Piano 5 88 key Stage / Studio Digital Piano!

July 27 2022; just added; Alesis Prestige Artist 88 Key Digital Piano with Graded Hammer Action Keys, Washburn Deep Forest Burl Dreadnought Acoustic in Black Fade_, Washburn Deep Forest Burl Grand Dreadnought Acoustic in Amber Fade, Washburn Deep Forest Burl Grand Auditorium Cutaway Electric Acoustic in Amber Fade, Washburn Deep Forest Burl Grand Auditorium Electric Acoustic in Black Fade. Vox 10W Mini-Go Portable Modeling Guitar Amplifier. Also just added several used items; Norman B20-6 with TRIC case and a Kawai KG140BE Classical Guitar With Tric Case, Made in Japan

July 22 2022; just arrived; an amazing Schecter Omen Elite-6 Floyd Rose in a stunning charcoal finish!

July 18 2022; Back in Stock; Arturia Microfreak, Arturia Keystep 37 Midi Controller and Sequencer and Korg Minilogue XD Polyphonic Analogue Synthesizer. Check out our USED section, we just added a whole bunch of store demo models. Never left the store, always been in a humidity and temperature controlled environment.

July 15 2022; Just in; Yamaha DGX670 88-Key Portable Grand Piano Also just added; two store demo synths; the Behringer MS-101 and the Behringer CAT. Both in original box and in mint condition, at a very nice price!

July 12 2022; Just in; Fender 75th Anniversary Stratocaster in Diamond Anniversary Finish, Fender JV Modified '60's Stratocaster in Olympic White, Squier Bronco Shortscale Bass, Squier Affinity Jazz Bass in Charcoal Frost Metallic and a Squier Classic Vibe '70s Lefty Jazz Bass.

July 11 2022; just in; a gorgeous Fender JV modified '50s telecaster , a GRETSCH G5422G-12 electric 12 string hollowbody and a Gretsch Electromatic G5655TG in Azure Metallic!

July 8 2022: Just in; the long awaited Line 6 Catalyst 60 amps! 

July 7 2022: just added some store demo models (in mint condition) to our used section with huge discounts!!

July 6 2022: New Taylor arrivals; Taylor Academy 12e, Academy 12, Academy 10e, Academy 10, 214ce Plus and the phenomenal, recently released,  724ce all Koa !!

June 30 2022;  the Akai MPC Key 61 and Akai MPC One in Black Already came in. Limited supply, and the first MPC Key 61 in Canada! Also just in; Squier Classic Vibe '70's Jaguar in three tone sunburst.

June 29 2022; Just in; the Moog Mavis Analog Synthesizer Kit and two nice trade ins; Made in Japan Epiphone EC20 and a Yamaha FG-TA

June 28 2022: We`re very happy to announce that we have the long long long awaited ARP2600-M Synth in stock!!! And sold out within half an hour. Replenishment will be august 2022. If interested; shoot us an email and we can make it a preorder.

June 28; Beatmachines!!! just in; Korg Volca Sample2 and Roland SP-404MKII

June 24 2022; Back in stock; the Sire M2 bass in Transparent blue, and a new addition; the Sire M5 Swamp Ash bass, also in Transparent blue. Still super amazed at the craftsmanship, rolled fretboard edges and sheer tonal versatility of the entire Sire line.

June 23 2022; Just released by AKAI only a few hours ago; the Akai MPC Key 61 standalone production synth. They`ll send very limited numbers to Canada and we are one of only few dealers that will receive them. we`ll receive two in the last week of june. Buzz about them is going nuts. Want one; there are two for sale on this website! Also arriving will be the upgraded and revamped Akai MPC One in Black.

June 22 2022; Just in; Fender Rumble 200 (V3)! Undefeated in its price range!

June 21 2022; Fender day today it seems. We just received a shipment of Fender and Squier; Squier Classic Vibe '70's Stratocaster HSS in Walnut, Fender Player Strat in Black with Maple Fretboard, Fender CB-60sce Electric Acoustic Bass Guitar in Black, Squier Affinity Stratocaster Hss with Maple board in a stunning Sienna Sunburst, Squier Affinity telecaster with Maple Board in three-tone Sunburst.

June 20 2022; Some nice low end just arrived; a Kala Nomad Electric Acoustic U-bass and a gorgeous Schecter Stiletto Custom-4! Here`s a video with some awesome u-bass work in it...

June 17 2022; Just updated; our Universal Audio arsenal. Check for the Volt Audio Audio interfaces!

June 16 2022; Deal for someone looking for a pair of high end studiomonitors; just added a pair of mint condition Avantone Pro CLA-10a studio monitors. Also just added a Dave Smith Instruments Evolver synth in excellent condition! 

June 16 2022; Just got Mackie Compact Mixers back in stock. Check them out by clicking here. Also just in; several Arturia controller/ sequencers. They sell like candy. And a Korg Monologue Monophonic Analog Synthesizer. For all your summer pleasure; come and check out our selection of ukuleles in the store!! Added new arrival; a gorgeous Norman ST40 CW HG Electric Acoustic Guitar with gigbag. Canadian built excellence!

                  Korg monologue

June 15 2022; Just arrived; an affordable, comfortable electric acoustic bass with pickup for all your campfire jams! the Oscar Schmidt OB100/N-A, The Sire Larry Carlton T-7 in sunburst is already gone but today we received a Sire Larry Carlton t-7 in Antique White, also just in; a stunning beast of a guitar; Schecter Omen Extreme-6 in Bloodburst!! Back in stock; Taylor 114ce.

June 14 2022; Just in; a gorgeous Walden Natura 500 Grand Auditorium Electric Acoustic Guitar in a stunning Tobacco Burst!

June 10 2022; Back in stock; Taylor 214ce Left Handed and Taylor 114e! Just in; a gorgeous traded in Gretsch G5021e Penguin electric acoustic in a stunning white finish. Absolutely mint condition and a very very nice price.

June 8 2022; Summertime; ukulele time!!! Slowly updating our online ukulele inventory. Just added a Kala KA-ATP5-CTG Tenor Acacia/Cedar 5-String, and a Kala KA-8e (discontinued) electric acoustic 8 string tenor uke for instance. Also Mackie just got updated with stock! Check it out; mixers, microphone, Big Knob... Also just in; JBL EON710 Powered PA Speakers with Bluetooth and the Headrush MX5!!

June 6 2022: Just in; Squier Affinity series Precision bass PJ in Lake Placid Blue and a Maple Fingerboard Olympic White one.

June 3rd 2022; just added; Yamaha Pacifica 112V in Old Violin Burst and Vintage White,Yamaha Pacifica PAC 012 Electric Guitar Several Colours, Yamaha Pacifica PAC 112VM Electric Guitar Several Colours

June 2nd 2022; Added; Sire Marcus Miller V7 Alder Bass Left Handed, 2nd Generation in Tobacco Sunburst, Sire Marcus Miller V7 4 Alder 2nd Generation Bass in Lake Placid Blue, Sire Larry Carlton T7 Electric Guitar in Tobacco Sunburst and a beautiful Guild D-2612CE Deluxe Electric Acoustic 12 string in Antique Sunburst

June 1st 2022; We`ve just received a big batch of Sire electric-acoustics, electrics and basses: Sire Larry Carlton A3-G Grand Auditorium in natural and vintage sunburst finish, Sire Larry Carlton A3-D Dreadnought in Natural and in vintage sunburst, Sire Marcus Miller U5 shortscale bass, Sire Marcus Miller D5 Alder, Sire Marcus Miller M2 4 String 2nd Generation,

May 30 2022; Just in; Taylor Academy 10e, Taylor Academy 12, Taylor Big Baby (BBT), Allen & Heath QU-16

May 27 2022; After last saturday`s devastating storm we finally have our power and internet back. All hail to the hydro workers for hooking people up with power again. True unsung heroes! As for new items in stock; Schecter c-6 pro burl top in charcoal burst, Schecter C1 Apocalypse in Rust Grey, Godin Session HT Bourbon Burst Rn, Big Baby Taylor (BBTe) that we had to quickly reorder because our resident guitar tech grabbed the previous one, Taylor 214ce-K SB (gorgeous Sunburst), Gretsch G2220 Electromatic Junior Jet Bass II in Bristol Fog, Gretsch G5422TG Electromatic Hollow Body Double-Cut with Bigsby and Gold Hardware in Snowcrest White.

May 20 2022; Just added; American Professional II Telecaster in Olympic White

May 19 2022; Back in stock; the magnificent Taylor 214CE!

May 18 2022; Nord news; the Nord 5 88 key is expected back in stock in august of 2022.The Nord Stage 3 Hammer Action 88 keys Electric Piano will be replenished mid/ end of june 2022!
If you`d like to preorder one email please. Just added; Gibson Les Paul Special Tribute Natural Walnut 

May 17 2022; Just in; Arturia MicroFreak, Gretsch G2622 Streamliner Center Block with V-stoptail piece in Midnight Sapphire , a majestic Fender American Professional II Stratocaster in Mystic Surf Green, Gretsch G2655T Streamliner Center Block Jr. With Bigsby Electric Guitar in Brownstone Maple, Gretsch G5422TG Electromatic in Orange Stain and Squier Bullet Mustang HH in Sonic Grey

May 17 2022; Just in; Arturia MicroFreak, Gretsch G2622 Streamliner Center Block with V-stoptail piece in Midnight Sapphire , a majestic Fender American Professional II Stratocaster in Mystic Surf Green, Gretsch G2655T Streamliner Center Block Jr. With Bigsby Electric Guitar in Brownstone Maple, Gretsch G5422TG Electromatic in Orange Stain and Squier Bullet Mustang HH in Sonic Grey

May 13 2022; A new Godin Kingpin II P90 just came in!

May 12 2022; just in; Randall rg212 2x12 100 Watt speaker cabinet.

May 10 2022; Arrived today; a beautiful Squier 40th Anniversary Jazzmaster Gold Edition Electric Guitar in Olympic White, Squier Mini Stratocaster in Dakota Red for all our little aspiring rockstars, EVH 5150III 15W LBXII Lunchbox Head in White, Squier Classic Vibe '70's Jaguar Electric Guitar in Surf Green, Squier Classic Vibe 60's Mustang Electric Guitar in Vintage White, Fender Rumble 25 v3 and Rumble 15 Bass amps

May 9 2022; Just in! Gorgeous Schecter Banshee GT FR in Charcoal Burst! EMG powered goodness with Floyd! And seeing the Schecter C-6 Pro Aurora Burst sold super fast she`s been replaced with a Schecter C-6 Pro FR, again in the beautiful Aurora Burst.

May 5 2022; Just added; two Boss RE-202 Space Echos! The big brother of the also recently introduced Boss RE-2. Also just added; Squier Mini Stratocaster in righthanded and lefthanded version. As of now making an account is optional. You can also check out as a guest.

May 3 2022: Added to inventory; Gretsch G5021e Penguin in shell pink, Schecter demon-6FR in Vintage White , Schecter Omen 6 Left handed, Godin 5th Avenue CW Kingpin II HB, Gretsch G5420LH Elecromatic Lefty Hollow Body in Orange Stain

April 28 2022; Just in; a gorgeous Godin Summit Classic HT in Trans White. An absolute rock monster!

April 26 2022; Just in; a Taylor Academy 12e and a majestic Taylor 914ce!!

April 25 2022; Just in; a gorgeous Taylor 114ce! Several other Taylor models will be added tomorrow.

April 23 2022; Back in stock; the amazing Big Baby Taylor! Shorter scale and slightly smaller body for your playing comfort, with the undisputed Taylor sound and quality!

April 21 2022; New in today; an awesome Vox AC4c1-12 tube amp that will give you classic Vox tone even at low volumes, and a Godin Fairmount CH Natural HG EQ electric acoustic guitar. All solid wood at a very competitive price. Built in Canada!

April 18 2022; The Easter bunny just brought us; a gorgeous Godin 5th Avenue Kingpin p90 in cognac burst and a Squier Classic Vibe '60's Jazzmaster in Sonic Blue.

April 13 2022; Just in: Squier Classic Vibe '60's Jazzmaster, Fender Player Tele and a beautiful Gretsch G2655t With Center Block and Bigsby in stunning Walnut finish.

April 8; Back in stock; the amazing Godin A6 Ultra in a stunning denim blue flame finish!

April 7 2022; New in stock; Godin Radium RN in Winchester Brown, Yamaha FS800T acoustics and a beautiful Yamaha TRBX174EWnt bass with a gorgeous Mango top.

April 6 2022; We`ve just received the long awaited Boss RE-2 Space Echo! Also new; Godin Metropolis Natural Cedar SG EQ, our first EVH Amps are arriving too! Check out the 5150 Iconic 40 Watt combo for instance! Also in stock now; Randall amps! Korg Wavestate , Fender '68 Vibro Champ Reverb and a nice Fender Pro Junior IV Tweed amp also came in today.

April 5 2022; Just in; a beautiful well played vintage Dobro Squareneck Wood body Resonator. (Model 37?).

April 4 2022: Back in stock; Taylor Academy 10, Taylor 214ce-koa (gorgeous Koa with Ebony fretboard) and new arrival; a Taylor GS Mini-e Koa Bass!

April 1 2022; Just added; Several Cordoba Ukuleles, Including a Cordoba 28t Ukulele in beautiful Koa, Guild Starfire 1 SC in Vintage Walnut, Guild DS-240 Memoir sloped shoulder dreadnought and a Guild M-240E Troubadour with stock DeArmond soundhole pickup.

March 31 2022; added today; Yamaha P125 Digital Piano, Tascam US-4x4HR USB-C Midi Audio Interface

March 30 2022; Just added; Roland FP-30X and FP-60X Digital Portable 88-key Pianos! Also just added; Used Fender Blues Junior IV, a Used Vox AC10C1, a Used Vox Night Train Head and Cabinet, a Used Martin 000XAE Lefthanded, a Used Takamine GY11ME-NS guitar, Used Egnater Rebel 30 head and a Used Fender Blues Junior IV combo.

March 28 2022; New in stock; a gorgeous sunburst electric acoustic Gretsch Rancher Dreadnought.

March 25 2022: Just added; Taylor Big Baby , Taylor Academy 10e Lefthanded and a Taylor 114ce Lefthanded. Also new in stock are the Arturia Keystep pro (in black!) and the Arturia Micro Freak Vocoder Edition.

March 23 2022; Arrived today; our first batch of Schecter Guitars!!! Completely revamped on the website; our Fender  and Squier Collections! Go check them out, several discontinued, hard to get models just added.

March 22 2022; Just in; two gorgeous Godins that are usually sold out super fast. A Godin Stadium HT RN in trans White and a Godin Radiator RN in Bourbon Burst. Stunning guitars, super high quality, Canadian; and a very friendly price point.

March 18 2022: Just added; Black Lion Revolution 2x2 Audio interface, Warm Audio WA12mkII Black Discrete Mic Preamp, Gretsch Jim Dandy, Epiphone SG Modern Figured in Trans Black Fade Fostex T40RP mk3 headphones, a gorgeous Norman B50 12 Natural SG Element 12 string electric acoustic and the Fender Player left handed Telecaster in sunburst is back in stock! More to follow!

March 17 2022; Soon in stock; Schecter Guitars will be back in stock at Maar`s Music! We`ve picked out a nice selection out of their vast inventory that will suit anyone from country to thrash!

March 17 2022; Just added; a ton of amplifiers from Fender, Hartke, Ampeg, Joyo, Blackstar, Orange and Vox.

March 16 2022; Two amazing new arrivals; a Taylor AD22e and a Taylor GTe Blacktop!! Also just added; Fender Newporter Player electric acoustic. A great Fender acoustic with a strat headstock. 

March 15 2022; Just in; Taylor GS Mini-e Koa Plus, a new Taylor 224cd-k dlx and a Taylor 412ce-r Back in stock; the amazing Boss Katana 50 mk2 and the Gretsch Honey Dipper round neck all metal resonator!

March 14th 2022; As of now we have a news section. Check back regularly for updates.

March 14th 2022; New postings: Gretsch Gin Rickey,  Guild T-Bird in Pelham Blue with P-90's, Epiphone Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Junior with custom hardcase, several Taylor , Walden , Gretsch , Lag and Washburn guitars. Also check our Reverb page!!