Aalberg TRYM TR-1 Tremolo

Aalberg TRYM TR-1 Tremolo

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The TRYM TR-1 Tremolo Pedal from Aalberg Audio delivers everything from a hard-hitting square wave to a gentle sine wave-shaped tremolo effect in a stompbox that can be controlled wirelessly with the optional AERO AE-1 controller. The Tap-Tempo footswitch changes the tremolo speed, and by using the stereo mode you can alternate the tremolo effect from left to right, providing a mesmerizing and spacious tremolo effect.

The TRYM TR-1 Tremolo Pedal can also be controlled by a free iOS / Android remote app that provides easy editing and allows the saving of presets for later recall. All the electronics are contained in a rugged, custom-made aluminum housing, while the onboard yellow LED bars at the top provide actual parameter settings, easily seen from a distance or in low light. The TRYM is powered by an optional 9V adapter.

General Features

  • Parameters: Speed, Shape, and Depth
  • Use tap tempo to set the speed of the tremolo effect
  • Multiple signal configurations
  • True bypass
  • Compatible with AERO AE-1 Wireless Controller
  • Upgrade firmware and sound algorithms by using the Aalberg Update app (iOS only)
  • Control pedal and get extended functionality using the Aalberg Remote App (Coming soon)


  • Speed: Adjust the speed of the tremolo effect
  • Shape: Change between a mild sine wave tremolo (lowest setting), a more aggressive square wave tremolo (highest setting), or a mix between sine and square wave
  • Depth: Adjust the amplitude of the tremolo effect, the “degree” of tremolo effect. Depth set to minimum equals no tremolo effect
  • FX-Select / Tap Tempo
    • Two modes
      • Tap: Tap the desired tremolo speed using the footswitch (TAP)
      • FX-Select: Choose active effect parameter (SPEED, SHAPE, and DEPTH) for wireless control with AERO controller (optional)
  • On/Off: Set the pedal to ON (activated) or OFF (true bypass)

Input / Output Setups

  • Mono In / Mono Out: Connect your instrument to Mono In and the amplifier to Mono Out
  • Panning Stereo: Connect your instrument to Mono In, then connect one amplifier to Mono Out, and another amplifier to Stereo Out. The tremolo effect will now alternate between the two outputs, giving a spacious tremolo effect