Positive Grid RIFF Guitar Audio Interface
Positive Grid RIFF Guitar Audio Interface
Positive Grid RIFF Guitar Audio Interface
Positive Grid RIFF Guitar Audio Interface

Positive Grid RIFF Guitar Audio Interface

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The Positive Grid RIFF Guitar Audio Interface has a direct mode with zero latency and is ultra portable.

Your link to everything guitar.
Transform your computer or mobile device into a fully-loaded dream guitar rig. The RIFF guitar audio interface comes with our award-winning BIAS FX 2 amp & effects desktop software. Plus it's perfect paired with any DAW or guitar software you like. Play, record and practice guitar anywhere.

Works with:

  • iOS, iPadOS & Desktop


  • Optimized for guitar.
  • Auto Gain for optimum sound.
  • Direct mode with zero latency.
  • Tone mode adds onboard preamps.
  • Vivid backlit display and assignable tone knob.
  • Pair with BIAS FX 2 or any DAW.
  • Intuitive control.
  • Extra-large vivid backlit screen display.
  • Assignable oversized control knob.
  • Ergonomic rugged metal body.
  • Perfect for mobile and desktop.

Plug in on the go to record demos, capture ideas or simply jam. Then easily transfer them to your desktop rig to finish 'em up.
Connect RIFF as your everyday USB audio interface to record using your favorite DAW on iOS, iPadOS, macOS or Windows.
RIFF delivers stunning sound and useful features engineered with guitarists in mind. RIFF's high-headroom instrument input and pristine converters are perfect for electric guitar, acoustic or bass.

Auto Gain: plug in any guitar and this feature automatically adjusts input levels for optimum sound.
Direct Mode: plays and records a guitar with zero latency for the most accurate signal possible.
Tone Mode: 3 legendary preamp and overdrive settings are built right in. Easily add warmth, classic analog boost or beefed-up overdrive at the tap of a button.

Ultra visible. Intuitive control. Rugged build. Every inch of RIFF is meticulously designed to not only feel good in your hands, but also be durable enough to withstand the road ahead.
Built to travel, RIFF is housed in an ergonomic, rugged metal body made of anodized aluminum.
Create the perfect tone for practicing, jamming and recording with intuitive pedalboard and signal chain customization along with the 50,000+ custom tones available on ToneCloud.

Audio Specifications:

  • Sample Rate: 24-bit/96kHz High Resolution Audio
  • Dynamic Range: Best-in-class stunning 114dB

Controls And Connectivity:

  • Input: 1/4 Inch Instrument Input
  • Outputs: 1/4 Inch Stereo Line Output; 1/4 Inch Stereo Line Output


  • Input Gain
  • Output Volume
  • Direct Monitor Blend
  • Tone Selector

Connection Rate:

  • USB for Windows and Mac (included)
  • USB Lightning for iOS device (included)

Physical Unit:

  • Dimensions: 21.59 x 54.86 x 88.14 mm (.85 x 2.16 x 3.47 in)
  • Weight: 156g (0.35lb)

This audio interface has a vivid backlit display and assignable tone knob.