Positive Grid Spark LIVE 4 Channel 2x6.5" 150W RMS Guitar Combo Amplifier and PA System - Black
Positive Grid Spark LIVE 4 Channel 2x6.5" 150W RMS Guitar Combo Amplifier and PA System - Black
Positive Grid Spark LIVE 4 Channel 2x6.5" 150W RMS Guitar Combo Amplifier and PA System - Black
Positive Grid Spark LIVE 4 Channel 2x6.5" 150W RMS Guitar Combo Amplifier and PA System - Black
Positive Grid Spark LIVE 4 Channel 2x6.5" 150W RMS Guitar Combo Amplifier and PA System - Black

Positive Grid Spark LIVE 4 Channel 2x6.5" 150W RMS Guitar Combo Amplifier and PA System - Black

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Do you want to play with a smart amp and PA system that can handle any gig, any genre, and any instrument? Do you want to have access to a wide range of tones, effects, and features, all controlled by a simple and intuitive app? If so, you'll love the Positive Grid Spark LIVE 4 Channel 2x6.5" 150W RMS Guitar Combo Amplifier and PA System, a portable, multi-channel, all-in-one experience that will rock your world.

4-Channel Smart Amp & PA System

Spark LIVE is much more than an amp. It's everything! A portable, multi-channel, all-in-one experience is here. Plug in guitar, bass, vocals, keys-or all at once. Fueled by Sonic IQ Computational Audio, this 4-channel smart amp and PA system is packed with amps, effects and a mixer. Miraculously compact and loud, with optional battery power, Spark LIVE delivers big, adaptive sound for any event.

Born to play.
We didn't want to just build a bigger, louder Spark. Instead, we've pushed the boundaries of today's technology to redefine what's possible for a live gigging amp.
The result is Spark LIVE, a revolutionary game-changer for live music. It's not just an amp, it's a radical leap forward, offering an all-in-one portable solution. Spark LIVE is designed for musicians craving versatility, power, and groundbreaking live music capabilities-the ultimate gig-ready amp.

More than an amp. It's everything.
Fueled by advanced computational audio technology, Spark LIVE is compact with more than enough volume to play with drums. This 4-channel multi-instrument PA and mixer is rugged and battery powered,³ a future-proof performance powerhouse with plug-in-and-go simplicity.

  • 4-Channel Multi-Instrument Smart App
  • PA System with Mixer
  • Sonic IQ Computational Audio
  • Big Adptive Sound for Any Event
  • Compact, Portable Battery (Optional)
  • WiFi, Bluetooth Futureproof

Go all the way to epic.
At the heart of Spark LIVE is Sonic IQ, a harmonious synergy between hardware and software driven by a dedicated computational audio chip. This groundbreaking fusion of advanced technologies ensures uncompromised tone quality and unsurpassed functionality.

Sonic IQ, our revolutionary computational audio engine, merges advanced signal processing and acoustic engineering to enhance sound quality in a variety of settings. It delivers precise, immersive audio experiences and a clear, deep tonal range.
Spark LIVE's innovative sound is powered by a dedicated computational audio chip, enabling it to dynamically adapt to different inputs and placements. The result is a powerful, compact powerhouse, perfect for musicians who need portability without sacrificing audio quality.

Computational Audio Chip - dedicated processing power for advanced sound innovations.
Dynamic Range Compression - Adjusts loudness and clarity automatically.
Auto-EQ - G-Sensor tunes EQ for various placements.
Virtual Bass Augmentation - Deepens bass, maintains sound quality.
Vocal Clarity Enhancement - Fine-tuned EQ for clear vocals.

Spark LIVE redefines big sound with its versatile G-Sensor, which detects the amp's orientation and placement, automatically adapting to its environment and tuning its EQ for optimal sound.
Place it vertically for a focused, punchy output or turn it on its side for wide, expansive stereo effect.

Spark LIVE's acoustic design combines advanced speaker technology with computational audio. Featuring custom-angled tweeters, dedicated woofers and reflex ports, it ensures crisp highs and deep lows. The system's dedicated tuning chip harmonizes FRFR, DSP, and Computational Audio for balanced, full-spectrum sound. This synergy of components, developed through our data-driven approach, results in Spark LIVE's unmatched acoustic performance.

Multi-Channel - Built for the way you play.
Plug into 4 channels of superior tone for guitar, bass, vocals and more. With built-in mixing, effects, and wickedly smart app integration, you can go from solo to full-on jams-anywhere.
Channel 1 - Guitar - Plug into full Spark app integration featuring 33 different amp models, 43 effects, over 50,000 tones and 8 on-board programmable presets. Onboard controls deliver glorious live sound flexibility with superior tone and plenty of headroom.
Channel 2 - Vocals, Bass or Acoustic Guitar - Spark LIVE introduces a new collection of gear custom-tailored for instantly great-sounding vocal, bass, or acoustic tone through a versatile XLR / ¼" combo input. These preamps and effects feature compression, reverbs, chorus and more, with 8 customizable presets available onboard that you can pull up instantly. It's the perfect one-man-band, duo, small combo or band companion.
Channel 3/4 - Stereo Direct Ins - Amplify just about anything else. Stereo inputs accept pedalboards, keyboards, computer audio and more.

Amplify just about anything else. Stereo combo inputs accept pedalboards, keyboards, computer audio and more.

Bluetooth Channel - Bluetooth Streaming - Easily connect a Bluetooth-enabled device and stream your favorite backing tracks or playlists, with discreet onboard control for audio volume.

A smarter simple. Spark LIVE is designed to be smart, yet simple to use - all in a versatile, compact footprint.
Compact and lightweight, Sparl LIVE will deliver adaptive, flexible sound in any situation. Its rugged cabinet is wrapped in genuine Tolex, with our distinct piping, and the iconic Spark grille cloth.
An easilly accessible front panel allows quick control over EQ, gain, volume and more. Rear master controls and channel settings make it simple to dial in just the right sound. Mix all chammels right on board.
Channel 1 and 2 both feature 8 fully custmixable presets, each.
Every in and out you could ever need is here. 1/4" instrument ins, 1/4"/XLR combo ins, headphone plus 2 line level outs, 2x2 audio interface, USB port to charge your mobile device. Even 2x MIDI in/outs for wired MIDI controllers.
Spark LIVE includes a built-in, versatile, ergonomic multi-angle tilt stand that can be used vertically or horizontally.
Gig anywhere with optional rechargeable hattery. Swappable batteries can power Spark LIVE up to 8 hours on a single charge.
Amp the whole band. Mount Spark LIVE on a speaker stand with its standard 35mm port.
Pair your SPark LIVE with Spark Control X, a wireless footswitch designed to easily swap presets, toggle effects and much more.

Fully Customizable Presets
Create your own presets in the Spark app and assign them to the Preset Knobs on Spark LIVE or with a Spark Control X footswitch. Spark LIVE features 8 customizable presets per channel (Channel 1 and 2 only).

Spark App
Expand how you play.
Get inspired to play, practice, and learn more than ever before with the SPark app - loaded with thons of gear, innovative AI-powered smart features and more. Available for iOS, iPadOS and Android.
App Enhancements for Spark LIVE.
More Gear - Channel 2 on Spark LIVE includes all-new gear crafted to make your vocals, bass, and acousti tone shine, featuring eggects never before seen in the Spark app.
More Presets - Brand-new presets for vocals, acoustic guitar, and bass are tailored to every type of musician or genre of music, no matter the venue.
Channel Mixer - Dial in the perfect mix with cmplete volume contril for each individual input channel, including master volume and music - all within the Spark app.
Tone Engine - Spark LIVE comes stocked with a total of 33 amps, 43 effects, plus a collection of all-new preamps and effects crafted for vocals, bass, and acoustic guitar. Plug into authentic gear from boutique to modern-all powered by the award-winning BIAS tone engine.
ToneCloud - Create your own tones or download over 50,000 tones inside the Spark app from its ToneCloud community. Save your favorites to any of the fully customizable presets directly on your Spark LIVE.
Channel Mixer - Get a quick rundown of each separate channel's volume at a glance with the new Channel Mixer view in the Spark app. Each separate channel, including master volume and music, can be adjusted on the fly.
Auto Chord (AI) - Get your set list ready. Auto Chords uses advanced technology to instantly analyze millions of songs and display chords for you, automatically.
Smart Jam (AI) - With AI-powered Smart Jam, the Spark app can listen and learn your playing, tone and style, then generates a backing track to play along with. It's an instant jam session any time.
Backing Tracks - Easily link your device via Bluetooth® to play backing tracks and enhance your performance-or simply run your playlist in between sets.
Video Capture - Use Spark LIVE's ingenious audio and video capture to record yourself playing within the Spark app and post.
Instant setup - Download the app and go. Connect instantly to the free Spark app for even more features and options.
MIDI In/Out - Connect wired MIDI controllers or link and control 2 Spark LIVE amps together, with a pair of standard 5-pin MIDI in/out sockets.

Maximum control for Spark LIVE.
Elevate your Spark LIVE experience with an official wireless, reachargeable foot controller. Unlock seamless control and give your hands more time on the fretboard.
Spark CONTROL X - 6-switch rugged, customizable wireless footswitch with 2 TRS expression pedal inputs. Connects directly to Spark LIVE or the Spark app.
Spark CONTROL - 4-switch customizable wireless footswitch for Spark series amps that seamlessly connects to the Spark app to swap presets, toggle effects and more.

Adrenaline included.

Audio Specifications:

  • Frequency Range: 45 - 20k Hz
  • Mono / Stereo: Stereo
  • Maximum Sound Pressure Level: RMS : 118 dB SPL @ 1m, Peak : 121 dB SPL @ 1m
  • Cabinet Principle: Bass Reflex
  • Power Amplifiers: 150W RMS / 450W Peak, Class D Amplifier


  • 2 x 1 inch Compression Tweeter with Custemed Angled Horn
  • 2 x 6.5 inch Custom Designed Woofer
  • 2 x Reflex Port
  • Total Impedance: 4 ohms

Controls And Connectivity
Front Panel Controls
Power Button

  • Channel 1 Eight Programmable Preset Selector
  • Channel 1 Amp Controls (Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, Master
  • Channel 1 Volume
  • Music Channel Volume

Rear Panel Controls

  • Pair Button
  • Channel 2 Eight Programmable Preset Selector
  • Channel 2 Volume
  • Channel 3&4 Volume
  • Center-click Master Controls (Low, Mid, High, Volume)

Computational Audio

  • Sonic IQ Computational Audio
  • Dedicated Computational Audio Chip
  • Dynamic Range Compression
  • Bass & Vocal Enhancement
  • Stereo Widening
  • Auto EQ

Onboard Effects
Channel 1:

  • 33 Amp Models (For electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass)
  • 43 Effects (Noise Gate, Compressor, Distortion, Modulation/EQ, Delay, Reverb)
  • Choose up to 3 pre-amp effects, 3 post amp effects, and 1 amp model for each preset

Channel 2:

  • 3 Amp Models (For vocal, bass & acoustic guitar)
  • 50 Effects (Noise Gate, Compressor, Distortion, Modulation/EQ, Delay, Reverb)
  • Choose up to 1 pre-amp effects, 2 post amp effects, and 1 amp model for each preset

Wired Connectivity

  • 1/4" Instrument Input x 3
  • XLR / 1/4" Combo Input x 1
  • 1/8" Headphone Output x 1
  • 1/4" Line Output x 2 (L/Mono & R)
  • Din 5pin MIDI Jack x 2 (In & Out)

Wireless Connectivity

  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • USB Audio
  • USB Interface for Recording
  • 2 In x 2 Out
  • Sample Rate: 48kHz
  • Bit Depth: 24
  • Compatible with MacOS and Windows

Physical Unit

  • Spark LIVE: L 464 x W 250.6 x H 306 mm (L 18.26 x W 9.86 x H 12.04 inch)
  • Spark Battery (sold separately): L 86 x W 74 x H 48.7 mm (L3.38 x W2.91 x H1.91 inch)
  • Weight
  • Spark LIVE: 12 kg, 26.45 lb
  • Spark Battery (sold separately): 480g, 1.05 lb
  • Grille Cloth: Custom Black/Brown


  • Mobile Apps: Spark App for iOS and Android (included)
  • Spark App Core Features: Smart Jam - 4 Drummers Included, Auto Chords, 50,000+ Tones On ToneCloud®, Video Recording, Tuner, Scenario EQ, Mixer View (Spark LIVE exclusive)


  • Main Input Power: AC 100-240V
  • USB-C Power Output (Charging Port): DC 5V/1.5A
  • Battery Type (Spark Battery): Detachable 6,000 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery (Spark Battery sold separately.)
  • Play Time: Up to 8 hours (on mid volume)
  • Charging Time: 3 Hours

There's never been a better time to play with a smart amp and PA system with the Positive Grid Spark LIVE 4 Channel 2x6.5" 150W RMS Guitar Combo Amplifier and PA System. This is a smart amp and PA system that offers a portable, multi-channel, all-in-one experience that will redefine your live music. Don't wait - get your Spark LIVE now and discover what this smart amp and PA system can do for you.