Taylor 254ce Plus Grand Auditorium Rosewood/Spruce 12-String Electric/ Acoustic Guitar with Gigbag
Taylor 254ce Plus Grand Auditorium Rosewood/Spruce 12-String Electric/ Acoustic Guitar with Gigbag
Taylor 254ce Plus Grand Auditorium Rosewood/Spruce 12-String Electric/ Acoustic Guitar with Gigbag

Taylor 254ce Plus Grand Auditorium Rosewood/Spruce 12-String Electric/ Acoustic Guitar with Gigbag

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The Taylor 254ce Plus Grand Auditorium 12-String brings Taylor's acclaimed build quality and electronics to the world of 12-string guitars. Built on Taylor's versatile Grand Auditorium body shape, the 254ce Plus generates a clear, articulate tone when strummed or fingerpicked. The guitar's torrefied sitka spruce top increases projection and improves pitch accuracy across the 12 strings, while layered rosewood back and sides provide a balanced tonal foundation. The cutaway body allows easy access to upper frets, extending your melodic range. Taylor's ES2 pickup system accurately conveys your playing dynamics through an amplifier or PA. Onboard tone controls let you shape your amplified tone, from sparkling and crisp to warm and robust. The 254ce Plus neck has a comfortable profile designed specifically for the demands of a 12-string guitar.

Cutaway Body Design Allows Easy Upper Fret Access With the Taylor 254ce Plus

The Grand Auditorium body style of the Taylor 254ce Plus gives you a versatile tonal palette and clear, balanced voice. When fingerpicked, it responds with warm, articulate notes across the sonic range. Strummed rhythms ring out with presence and definition. The cutaway body provides easy access to upper frets, extending the guitar's melodic range and allowing you to solo with comfort. The slim neck heel ensures your hand glides smoothly into those high registers.

Torrefied Sitka Spruce Top Creates Punchy, Dynamic Tone With the Taylor 254ce Plus

Taylor specially torrefies the sitka spruce top of the 254ce Plus to enhance its acoustic properties. By applying heat in a controlled environment, the wood's cellular structure is gently opened up before being compressed again. This process increases the guitar's dynamic range, improves pitch accuracy and gives each string greater presence and punch. Notes have longer sustain and crystal-clear definition. The torrefied top yields excellent clarity and articulation when strumming full 12-string chords. Individual notes come through with focus within the complex harmonic layers generated by the additional strings.

Layered Rosewood Back and Sides Offer Balanced Resonance With the Taylor 254ce Plus

The 254ce Plus has layered rosewood back and sides, which provide a lush tonal foundation and balanced resonance. The rosewood's natural overtones enrich the sparkling Sitka spruce top. Together they create an open, airy voice with robust low-end, well-defined mids and clear, shimmering highs. Whether gently picked or aggressively strummed, notes bloom with warm, complex rosewood tones. The layered construction makes the guitar more impervious to climate changes and increases its long-term stability. Take the 254ce Plus on tour or to the studio and its voice remains consistent gig after gig.

Taylor ES2 Pickup System Accurately Captures Natural Acoustic Sound With the Taylor 254ce Plus

Taylor's innovative ES2 pickup system faithfully conveys your playing dynamics and the 254ce Plus's natural acoustic voice. The heart of the system is a patented pickup placed behind the saddle, with three sensors uniquely positioned to capture the guitar's entire tonal range. Because it's not located under the saddle, the saddle has full contact with the bridge, transmitting every nuance through the wood. Onboard tone controls allow you to shape your amplified tones, from bright and crisp to robust and warm. Plug into an amp on stage or interface with recording software in the studio and the ES2 pickup conveys the authentic sound of your performance.


Scale Length: 25-1/2", STANDARD SCALE
Body Finish: GLOSS
Neck Finish: MATTE
Neck Width: 1-7/8"
Frets: 20
Fretboard Wood: CRELICAM EBONY
Electronics: ES2