Waldorf Model M Wavetable Desktop Synthesizer
Waldorf Model M Wavetable Desktop Synthesizer

Waldorf Model M Wavetable Desktop Synthesizer

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The Waldorf M 8-voice wavetable synthesizer module pays homage to their legendary Microwave and PPG synthesizers, combining a powerful wavetable synthesis engine with a luscious analog lowpass ladder filter, plus analog VCAs for each voice. Two wavetable oscillators allow you to choose from 96 factory wavetables, or load your own to create truly unique soundscapes and textures. M also offers big modulation potential, featuring two LFOs with different waveforms as well as four envelope generators, including an 8-point loopable envelope generator. Melding the sonic complexity of wavetable synthesis with the undeniably vibrant character of an analog filter and VCAs, the Waldorf M synth module is sure to inspire your creativity.

Endless sonic potential

Whether you're crafting exotic soundscapes, ethereal textures with wavetables, or classic bass and lead sounds from traditional saw, square, and triangle waveforms, you'll find the sound design capabilities you need in the Waldorf M synth module. Dual wavetable oscillators offer as much sonic complexity as you could ask for, especially once you explore M's vast modulation capabilities. And thanks to its 24dB/oct lowpass ladder filter (with saturation control to dial in extra harmonic richness), plus an analog VCA for each voice, you can imbue any sound you create with vibrant, punchy analog character. A total of 96 factory wavetables are just the start — 32 user slots allow you to load your own wavetables for a truly unique sonic experience.

Waldorf M Wavetable Synthesizer Module Features:

  • 8-voice wavetable synthesizer module inspired by the acclaimed Microwave and PPG synthesizers
  • 4-part multi-timbral operation, with main stereo outs plus 4 aux outputs for routing flexibility
  • 2 wavetable oscillators with independent wavetables, plus classic saw/square/triangle waveforms
  • Analog ladder filter (24dB/oct) with saturation control to dial in extra harmonic richness
  • Analog VCAs for each voice
  • Ample modulation options include 2 LFOs, 4 envelope generators, and loopable 8-point time/level wave envelope generator
  • Select from 96 factory wavetables, or load your own custom wavetables to 32 user slots
  • 2,048 sound programs plus 128 multi-programs offer a huge sonic range to explore
  • Onboard arpeggiator, with 16 preset patterns and chord mode
  • USB and MIDI In/Out/Thru offer flexible integration with your studio workflow
  • Compatible with classic Microwave SysEx for old-school synth wizardry