Stringed Instrument and Drums Repair

We're proud to have Edwin van Wylick performing instrument repairs at Maar's Music. In order to offer the best possible local service quality, Edwin has completed the process for Maar's Music to be a Taylor Authorized Silver Level Authorized repair provider. As a result of further training, Edwin is also able to provide Fender (FMIC) Authorized instrument service at Maar's Music as well.

Instrument repair is a journey of passion that began over 2 decades ago during which Edwin received training under the mentorship of two European luthiers. Edwin has serviced hundreds of guitars for satisfied clients in South East Central Ontario since 2011 (including in the Peterborough area for the last 3 years).

Services Provided:

  • Acoustic, Electric & Bass Guitar setup & action adjustment, 
  • Hardware upgrades, Tuning heads, Pick-up installation,
  • Bridge repairs, Crack & Break repairs, Fret work
  • Repair experience with vintage and modern production era instruments.
  • Also provides support on stringed instruments of almost any kind.

Typical Repair Prices

Of course below actions aren`t the only ones we do. Basically anything aside from a paintjob is possible. For an accurate quote on a repair regarding your instrument; please call the store or send us an email at 
- Basic string change $20 and up + strings
- String change & instrument cleaning $35 and up + strings
- Acoustic Guitar Setup & cleaning $75 and up + strings
- Electric or Bass Setup & cleaning $75 and up + strings
- Taylor action adjustment (neck reset); $80 + strings

Please note: 

- for Floating Bridge / Bigsby instruments, please add $15 for string change and $25 for setup.

- 12 String Instruments, please add $10 for string change / setup

- Install Strap Button $15 + button
- Install Output Jack $35 + jack
- Dress Sharp Fret Ends $50 on up
- Re-Glue Acoustic Bridge $150 on up
- Cracked Headstock $125-$150 on up
- Install Tuning Machines $30 on up (+ string change & strings)
- Install New Saddle $30 + part (+ setup & string change)
- Install New Nut $35  & nut (+ setup & string change)
- Cut a bone nut or saddle $80 & part (+setup & string change)
- Acoustic Pickup Installation $55 to $150 typical range

For drums/ percussion repairs and maintenance we have our drum teacher Adam. Reskinning, tuning etcetera can all be done by him.