AVMatrix Mini 4 Channel Multi-format Live Streaming Video Switcher

  • Inputs 1 to 3: HDMI, Input 4: HDMI or DP
  • Outputs: 2×HDMI PGM,1×HDMI multiview
  • USB capture video complying with UVC for live streaming
  • Auto/ Cut transitions and Mix / Fade / Wipe effects
  • PiP function, adjustable size and position
  • Audio mixer: 3.5mm stereo / RCA audio & HDMI
  • GPIO interface for live tally system
  • FTB for emergency situation
The HVS0401 Mini 4-Channel HDMI/DP Switcher from AV Matrix provides multicamera live streaming to social media platforms via your Windows or Linux PC, or an Android device. Input up to 1080p60 video using three HDMI inputs plus one DisplayPort input or a fourth HDMI port. Switcher features include a six-window multiview HDMI output, adjustable PiP, rescaling, mixes, fade and wipes, tally input, an audio mixer, and two HDMI program outputs.


Use the HVS0401 Mini 4-Channel's USB Type-B output for streaming up to 1080p60 video to a Linux or Windows computer and the RJ45 port, for PC-based remote control. Audio features include embedded HDMI input, 3.5mm and RCA input ports, and HDMI and 3.5mm outputs. An FTB (fade to black) feature offers a quick solution for emergency cuts.

    • Three HDMI inputs plus one DisplayPort or fourth HDMI input
    • Supports up to 1080p60 via HDMI
    • Six-window multiview HDMI output plus two HDMI program outputs
    • Audio mixer, 3.5mm and RCA inputs, and 3.5mm audio output
    • Auto/cut, fade-to-black, mix, fade, and wipe transitions
    • Adjustable PiP (picture in picture) function