Scarlett 4i4 3rd Gen


The Scarlett 4i4 is back with a vengeance! The third generation of this very popular interface is the optimal recording interface for a guitarist or a singer! The 4i4 continues the success of its predecessor with their best sounding preamps yet, with an added Air Setting, which adds brightness and crispness to vocal and acoustic recordings. It features two high headroom inputs for recording guitar and bass, to provide a clean tone with volume but without the fear of clipping the audio signal! This interface is an affordable way to make your recordings sound great!


-Studio quality sound recording

-Four balanced line inputs, for connecting synths or other live audio

-Two of the best Scarlett preamps - Now with Air

-Two high headroom inputs for recording DI instruments

-Loopback, for grabbing a stereo feed of any combination of hardware inputs and software playback, no cables needed, for simple sampling, streaming or podcasting